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It was a fairly nice day out today, so I decided I would clean my car off, since it was covered in bug splats and pollen. Then, I noticed this...no idea how/when it happened. I can narrow it down to sometime within the last 3 days, but I can't be sure. I haven't parked my car near any curbs, and I didn't hit any potholes that could cause this kind of damage. I'm thinking it was the rock I hit a few days ago, but it wasn't that big. Maybe the size of an orange, and that's being generous. No damage to the tire, and only that little bit on the lip is demolished. The back side is completely fine. I guess it can't be bent too badly, because I just noticed it today. Who knows how long I've been driving around with it like that. I never look at the passenger side. I checked the tire pressure, and it's only down 3 pounds. I'm going to check it again in the AM. Otherwise, I'm going to be out a car for a few weeks until I can get some money saved up. I guess I now have a reason to order those SVT rims I've been wanting...

Sorry for the large image size. I have it set to 400x400 on Photobucket, but for some reason, it's still displaying it as the original size. I've deleted the cache and the cookies, but it's still not right.

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Ouch. I know how that feels, I had 18s with 35 series tires last summer, I know all about bent wheels.

If you're strapped for cash, rotate it to the back (if you're getting vibration) and keep checking pressure, as long as it's not cracked, it shouldn't get any worse.
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2x4 and a BFH should get that pretty straight. Might want to take it off to check for cracks and get it rebalanced
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o2designs wrote:2x4 and a BFH should get that pretty straight.
Yup 8)

Maybe not perfect, but a lot better than that.
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I've actually been considering doing that. I have a rubber mallet here, and when I was getting it ready for the car show, I had it in my hand. I decided not to, though, because I don't want to do more damage to it than I've already done. I typically only drive about 10 blocks (to work and back) a day, so I think that small bend will be okay until I can save up for those SVT multi-spokes. 2 weeks should do it.
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